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Hopkins ‘Would Welcome’ Cowboys Trade’; Dallas Wants to Low-Ball Offer?

The Dallas Cowboys need a “playmaker with juice.” For many, that means Odell Beckham Jr. or DeAndre Hopkins.

After reported “positive discussions” with Odell, there have been next to nothing but rumors about Hopkins to Dallas.

Until now …

Per 105.3 The Fan sources, echoing an earlier report from NFL Network’s Jane Slater, Hopkins “would welcome” becoming a Cowboy and is willing to lower his asking price, salary-wise, to get a deal over the line.

So, we have a player who wants to come to Dallas. Tick. We also have a potential bargain as Hopkins is slated to count $19.4 million in 2023 and $14.9 million in 2024, per and is “willing” to do something with those numbers. … or with some numbers.

Exactly what those “financial concessions” are is unknown; we should point out that maybe all Hopkins side is saying is that he won’t demand a fat new extension – which is a “concession” of a sort.

But the supposed fact that Hopkins is willing to entertain the idea of “less money to join the Cowboys” is another massive tick.

That should, in theory, entice the Cowboys into picking up the phone and thrashing out a deal. Why? While the public wooing of Beckham Jr. last season was a sight to behold, and now discussions are still ongoing, if Hopkins wants Dallas and wants to make it work financially … isn’t that the way to go?

There is a “but.”

While the Cowboys reportedly have yet to contact Arizona, it’s known that the Cardinals want a “second-round pick plus.” Is that price exorbitant? The Fan is suggesting that the Cowboys only want to pay the sort of price that was in play a year ago, when they dealt Amari Cooper to Cleveland for a fifth-round pick.

Hey, every team wants to “win the trade.” Our Mike Fisher has reported that Dallas might get, say, Courtland Sutton from Denver for a lesser pick. Or maybe even Brandin Cooks from Houston for a pick cheaper than a second-rounder.

But if what The Fan is trying to say is that Dallas’ bid on Hopkins will be a fifth-rounder?

Dallas figures to get badly outbid.

The Cowboys could be paralyzed by entertaining the idea of both receivers as the All-Pro duo is there for the taking, but Dallas is one of many teams interested. 

Is a swift move to conclude either deal a necessity?

One way of finding out … is if this doesn’t go the Cowboys’ way.