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Blackhawks’ rising star Vlasic steps up a gear with NASCAR Adventure

Photo credit: Sports Addik

Alex Vlasic, Chicago Blackhawks’ defenseman, explores NASCAR passion during off-season.

Chicago Blackhawks’ defenseman Alex Vlasic is exploring new passions beyond the ice, diving into the world of NASCAR during his off-season downtime.

Recently signing a substantial six-year contract with the Blackhawks valued at $27.6 million, the rookie has shown his prowess not only on the ice but also in embracing new interests.

The street race event in Chicago, hosted by NASCAR, gave Vlasic a thrilling opportunity to meet the professionals from RFK Racing, a team directed by the renowned Jack Roush and featuring acclaimed drivers like Brad Keselowski and Chris Buescher.

This encounter allowed Vlasic to indulge in his newfound interest in racing, highlighting a less-known side of the athlete’s life.

During his visit, Vlasic was warmly welcomed into the racing community. A special moment of the event was when he received his own Fastenal crew shirt, symbolically joining the No. 17 crew.

« Welcome to the crew, Alex

@c_buescher got to meet Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Alex Vlasic prior to today’s Chicago Street race!

Alex even got his own Fastenal crew shirt to join the No. 17 crew »

Despite the excitement and the warm welcome, the racing outcomes for Keselowski and Buescher were less than stellar, with finishes at 18th and 20th respectively.

Nonetheless, the event was significant for showcasing Vlasic’s varied interests and his integration into the NASCAR scene.

Vlasic’s involvement in NASCAR surprises many, but it underscores a broader theme: athletes have multifaceted personalities and interests beyond their professional sports careers.

This off-season glimpse into Vlasic’s activities suggests that there is much more to NHL athletes than what fans see on the ice.

Now, with Vlasic’s passion for NASCAR unveiled, fans have a new lens through which to view and support this talented defenseman.