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NBA fans react to Devin Booker and Brandin Podziemski as duo ignore each other after practice skirmish

The USA National Team scrimmages are in full swing and Devin Booker and Brandin Podziemski were all the talk after an awkward finish to the team’s latest practice. The team has been working out in Las Vegas over the last few days in preparation for the upcoming Paris Olympics.

A handful of younger players are accompanying them as part of the Select Team to assist with their training program. A video has been circulating on social media showing players shake hands and hugging after a game. LeBron James, Joel Embiid and Anthony Edwards can all be seen showing their appreciation to the Select Team, but there was one moment that captured fans’ attention.

Midway through the video, Devin Booker and Brandin Podziemski can be seen walking right past each other, choosing to avoid their opponent all together.

The awkward encounter led to some interesting reactions from fans, who believe that there is beef after their heated battles in the Western Conference:

“Clearly got beef cooking,” said a fan.

“Good catch. Booker has a lot of beefs out there. Needs to squash some!” said one fan.

“Book got more beefs than rings,” said another fan.

“Youll drop book ins 1v1,”added another fan.

One fan seemed to think the beef dates back to 2022 when the Golden State Warriors faced off against the Phoenix Suns and Klay Thompson provoked Booker with the “four rings” sign.

“Podz was prob laughing when Klay did the 4 Ring Taunt to Book lol,” said one fan.

Whatever the reason for the hostility, these two guards will be facing each other a lot in the coming seasons. Podziemski, 21, is entering his second year in the NBA. Booker, 27, has plenty of years ahead of him in the league.