Woman buries neighbour’s dog alive in garden after it wouldn’t stop barking

The 82-year-old suspect confessed on Tuesday to burying her neighbour's dog, Nina, in the garden in the Brazilian municipality of Planura.

Footage shows the incredible moment a dog emerges from a hole in the ground after its owner’s neighbour buried it alive.

The 82-year-old suspect confessed on Tuesday to burying her neighbour’s dog, Nina, in the garden in the Brazilian municipality of Planura.

The dog’s owner told police that her neighbour had confronted her over the barking and became sick of it.

She said the elderly woman told her she had dug a hole in the garden and buried the pooch because its barking was keeping her up at night.

The horrified 33-year-old rushed to her back garden, where she noticed an area of soil that had been recently disturbed and immediately began digging with a hoe. 

The owner digs out her dog and the elderly neighbour reportedly said, while watching the ordeal unfold nearby: “Don’t let her come over here anymore.”

Nina was buried alive in Brazil ( Image: CEN)

Nina is believed to have spent an hour and a half-buried alive before she was rescued and taken to a vet.

The heartless neighbour told police under questioning that she would “bury it again”.

Local media report that she has been remanded in custody and accused of mistreatment of animals.

Meanwhile, a man was severely injured with his nose completely bitten off his face when two pit bulls attacked him outside his house.

The 82-year-old suspect confessed on Tuesday to burying her neighbour’s dog ( Image: CEN)

The dogs were at the front door of Marcus Kizaza’s home in North Fort, Texas, where his two children and wife were inside.

The pitbulls appeared friendly but suddenly they attacked him and he tried to get rid of the pair by running down the street before emergency services arrived.

One of the pit bulls without a collar lunged at a firefighter. A police officer struck the aggressive dog with his patrol car, and it was pronounced deceased on the scene.

Neighbours found Mr Kizaza’s detached piece of flesh under the white truck and returned it to him.

The moment the dog was found buried alive (Image: CEN)

Mr Kizaza was taken to the hospital, where his nose was successfully reattached, but he remained in the hospital since the attack and will undergo another surgery.

Speaking to NBC5 a few days after the incident, Mr Kizaza said: “I’m feeling better now, but I’m having a pain on my knee and my finger too. I can’t speak a lot. I don’t just want people to just see this, you know?”

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