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Shocking revelations about alien hideout

Some scientists believe that aliens are currently hiding in giant craters on Mars and once appeared on Earth.

A UFO expert (unidentified flying object) has come up with the idea that aliens are hiding in a giant crater on Mars, according to the Daily Star.Previously, a giant crater discovered by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft led many people to believe that this is a shelter for aliens.  

Information from NASA said that the aforementioned giant hole was once a lake about 700 million years ago, located near the south pole of Mars and surrounded by cold CO2. This giant lake consists of 2 parts, in which the upper part has a lot of oxygen, which is a condition for life to exist.”Flowing water appears to have created many channels around the crater. The spacecraft will examine how the layers in the crater formed and in what environment,” NASA announced.

According to billionaire Tyler Glockner, aliens are hiding in a giant hole on Mars.

Before the information that NASA announced, a UFO expert said that the giant hole mentioned above could be the residence of aliens. In it, Tyler Glockner, owner of SecureTeam 10 channel on Youtube, commented that the giant hole has some artificial characteristics.

Regarding the research on alien life, an American billionaire who cooperates with NASA on space technology has also made a shocking statement about the whereabouts of “Earth friends”.Specifically, Robert Bigelow, 73 years old, CEO of aerospace company Bigelow has said that he has evidence of the appearance of aliens on Earth. The above information was given by Mr. Robert Bigelow when he gave an interview to an American television channel.

“I believe in aliens. Aliens clearly exist. I’m probably the one who spends more money than any other person in the United States on this research issue,” billionaire Robert Bigelow said.And to prove that the aliens on Earth are real, Mr. Robert Bigelow also narrated a story that, according to this billionaire, was the time when his grandparents (didn’t specify if they were grandparents or grandfather). grandmother) face-to-face with the aliens.

Billionaire Bigelow said the incident happened when his grandparents were driving on a mountain road near Las Vegas. At that time, the alien’s flying saucer accelerated and appeared right in front of them. Next, this flying saucer “tilts to the right and disappears”.Bigelow further revealed that the US government as well as other countries know that aliens are on Earth and even communicate with them. However, these are all secrets that cannot be disclosed to the public.