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Alien Expert Stated That Humans Are Now Sharing This Planet With a New Species

Brooks also met Rodwell, a ufologist who is well-known for his studies of Star Children, an alien race that is hybridized between humans and other species with higher cognitive abilities.

Rodwell stated that a new breed Homo is on the horizon using techniques such as regression therapy sessions, with patients who claimed they were abductees.

Syndromes like Asperger’s and ADHD, according to Rodwell, might be the result of genetic manipulation by a technologically superior species. A common belief is that extraterrestrials have modified human DNA and stored their seeds to create a new species of sentient humans. This will explain their frequent earthly inspections.

A new, superior species might be the solution to the sad state we find ourselves in, it is possible. However, we can’t help but wonder if, when these newcomers arrive, they will share their expertise with us, or will we be sent to the back of the bus? Could this be the end for society as we know?